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9 Best Colors To Paint a Bedroom In 2022

Bedroom Paint Colors For 2022


Wondering what color to paint your bedroom? Give your space a 2022 color makeover by choosing one of the year’s hottest colors or color palettes. Paint color is one of the most effective and affordable ways to transform a room. 


Whether you want to create a soothing aesthetic for your bedroom or want to paint it a color that enlivens your setting, use some of the following tips and color ideas. 


Top of the Trend: the Pantone Color of the Year for 2022


Pantone recently unveiled its color of the year, and it’s Very Peri, a violet shade of blue that somehow manages to sooth and enliven at the same time! This isn’t a “country blue” or marine blue. 


This is a romantic blue that is perfect for lending a color twist to your decor. Pantone was hoping to create a color that reflected the transition the world is going through as it emerges from pandemic and economic crisis. 


The color’s designers drew inspiration from the vibrant colors of the digital world to create Very Peri. Consider whether this lovely shade is the right paint option for your bedroom. 


Windmill Wings by Benjamin Moore


While Veri Peri boasts a sultry violetesque hue, Windmill Wings by Benjamin Moore is a purer, more ethereal blue. This is blue-sky blue, an uplifting blue. Blue bedrooms, as far as decorating trends go, come and go. 


However, home decorators keep coming back to the blue color palette because of what does for a bedroom in terms of comfort. It inspires rest and relaxation. This blue does that. 


As a lighter blue, it’s a shade that appears to pair well with earthy shades like chocolate or driftwood. Pair it with ivory or tan to create your home sanctuary space.


Evergreen Fog: A Refreshing Hue


Evergreen Fog is a new paint color designed by Sherwin-Williams. This pale green hue with its hazy undertones is a top candidate for bedroom paints because it’s both relaxing and rejuvenating. Green colors bring a hint of nature indoors. 


Whether you pair this green with similar shades or other earthtones, you can create a nature-inspired sanctuary between your newly painted walls and other decorative choices. Add a couple mirrors, silver accents, and potted plants to create your cozy green setting.


Breezeway by Behr


Similar to Evergreen Fog, Behr’s Breezeway is a slightly brighter shade of green. Reminiscent of sea glass, this shade will bring a splash of excitement into your bedroom without compromising its relaxing ambience. 


Pair it with shades of silver or white to create a contemporary look for your master bedroom. If your bedroom is on the compact side, this shade will open it up and lend a light, airy nuance to the setting. 


First Light by Benjamin Moore

Looking for a neutral shade to paint your bedroom? Consider First Light by Benjamin Moore. An alternative to beige or white, this shade features the slightest of slight pink undertones but retains a light, neutral hue. 


It promises to pair with virtually any color scheme. Maintain an earthy color palette and introduce driftwood, greens, or grays into the decor. Or, spice up your bedroom decor and pair First Light with bold shades like crimson and black. 


Satin Rolling Surf


Satin Rolling Surf by Krylon is a bold teal hue that will add a bold pop of color to your walls. Surprisingly versatile, this color plays well with retro color schemes. So, if you’re planning to decorate your bedroom with retro 1980s colors and accents, you might consider this hue for at least one or two walls. 


On the other hand, you might pair this color with muted shades of gray for a sophisticated color palette. The deep blueness of the shade promises to lend a calming touch to the space. 


Orchid Ash by Valspar


Clean and pure, Orchid Ash is a tranquil off-white hue that lacks the boldness of soft white, so it delivers a soothing note to spaces. 


The great thing about painting your bedroom walls with a white shade is that you can change the rest of your decor seasonally or whenever it suits your mood. Orchid Ash will pair with any other colors. 


Create a bold, sophisticated look and pair it with a midnight blue bedspread or bold patterns like paisley. 

Dunn-Edwards Art and Craft


Art and Craft is another shade that’s indicative of the nature-inspired design trend that continues to be popular with interior designers and home decorators. 


Darker and richer in tone than Benjamin Moore’s First Light, Art and Craft will introduce an earthier look to walls. 


With its light clay or walnut hue, this color will also pair easy with a wide array of other color choices. Introduce more earthtones to your space along with a few jewel tone splashes like emerald green or sapphire.


Golden Straw


Shades of yellow have gone in and out of style, but Benjamin Moore’s Golden Straw is a color to watch for in 2022. People naturally seek out yellow because of its inherent positivity. 


After a long period of lockdowns and quarantines, many home decorators are looking to introduce cheerful hues into the bedroom, and Golden Straw is a great option because it’s a pale, unobtrusive shade of yellow. 


In other words, it’s likely to play nicely with other earthtones. If you’re looking for a versatile yellow to paint your bedroom, this color will not disappoint. In fact, if you have other interior house painting projects in mind, keep this hue on your short list.


No matter what paint color you choose to paint your bedroom this year, you can rely on the professional painters of Texas Painting and Gutters to tackle the project. We offer affordable interior and exterior painting and boast years of experience. Contact us to schedule your bedroom painting right away.


Jeff Hahs
Jeff Hahs
With over 17 years of local painting and gutter experience in Collin County, Jeff enjoys offering his expert tips, tricks and news via the Texas Painting and Gutters blog. Stop by regularly for updates and thanks for reading!

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