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Bedroom Painting: What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

Sage Green Bedroom Paint

At least one-third of our lives is spent in our bedrooms.




Since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, we should make sure that it is a relaxing retreat where we can rest and unwind. You can create this oasis by choosing the right paint color!




One factor in choosing a bedroom color should be to use colors that appeal to you. The other should be to choose a color that is good for your health and sleep habits. Need help deciding what color to choose?




Read our guide below for guidelines for the best bedroom painting tips and colors!




Relaxing Colors  



Experts agree that the colors we surround ourselves with influence our moods and emotions. Vibrant colors like red and bright orange keep us energized and active, while soft colors like blues and muted greens make us feel calmer and soothed. 




Because the bedroom paint colors we choose contribute to getting a good night’s rest, it’s important to make the right choice. Here are some recommended bedroom colors. 




Muted Tones



When designing a bedroom, sticking to soft, muted colors is a good option. If you love a specific bright color, try choosing a paler shade of it. If you love orange, choose a peach color instead. Or, if you love purple try a shade of lavender. 




Some of the most popular muted shades for bedrooms are white, beige, gray, and light blue.   




Calming Neutrals



One way to guarantee a calm, restful bedroom is to choose one of many different soothing neutral colors. Neutral colors such as cream, ivory, white, gray, and taupe are classic and safe choices for a bedroom. 




They also provide a clean canvas for adding patterns and details to your bedding, artwork, and curtains. You can include bold, interesting elements in bright shades, or keep everything tone-on-tone for a cohesive and soothing look. 




Soft Pastels



Pastels are a popular choice for bedrooms, and for all the right reasons. Pastels are soft, relaxing colors that set the tone for a serene bedroom environment. Some of the more popular pastels are pink, yellow, lavender, light blue, and soft green. 




Pastels give off a romantic, elegant vibe. They are a great foundation for many different room styles and furniture finishing. 




Best Bedroom Colors for 2022



Bedroom colors generally vary little from year to year given that they are usually classic colors. However, there are variations in trends and popularity of certain colors and bedroom looks from year to year. Here are some of the favorites for 2022. 







This pale indigo color is one of the trendiest colors of the year, and it looks great on bedroom walls. It has hints of blue, lavender, and indigo and pairs well with light colors such as cream and taupe and also darker accents like navy and plum. 




Sage Green 



Sage green paint is a greyish green color perfect for a calm, yet elegant, bedroom look. The color works well as a neutral so it pairs well with light colors like whites and cream, as well as navy, gray, and a variety of browns. 




Cool Blue



Cool blue is subtle and airy with gray undertones, and it conveys a lightness and calm that is perfect for a bedroom. The color looks beautiful with both dark and light wood finishings and pairs well with white doors and moldings. 







Cream is a popular choice for bedrooms in 2022. It is softer and warmer than white and pairs well with most other colors. Cream-colored walls are always a good idea, especially if you want your bedroom to give off a calm and tranquil vibe. 




Warm Gray



Warm gray is a gray color that has a warmer feel with its beige or yellow undertones. It’s a timeless color with a modern twist, making it a great color choice for a bedroom. It’s subtle, but it feels welcoming, unlike cooler shades of gray. It looks great when paired with other warm, earthy colors, on accent walls, or as decorative touches. 




Bedroom Painting Tips



We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and it should be a calm retreat from our busy lives. It’s no wonder that choosing a bedroom paint color is a big decision. Here are things to consider when you’ve decided to upgrade the color of your bedroom. 




Keep It Calming 



To make sure you get a good night’s rest, keep the colors neutral, calm, and soothing. If you love bold colors, you can incorporate them into your room as accent walls or in bedding, wall art, and decorative pieces. 




Test the Colors



If you can’t seem to make up your mind, get some paint samples and brush them onto the walls in your room. If you can’t get your hands on paint samples, ask for larger swatches.




Sometimes those tiny swatches aren’t enough to visualize the color in your space. Make sure you hold the swatch next to the walls, bedroom furniture, rugs, and any other parts of the room that will stay after your room is painted.




The Smaller the Room, the Lighter



Small rooms or rooms without much natural light should be painted in light, airy colors. A room looks much more spacious with the right color on the walls. Make sure to also consider the bedroom layout as well as the number and size of windows.




Hire Professionals for a Top-Notch Job



Painting a room can be a tricky and time-consuming process. You may seem to be saving some money, but when you add up the money spent on supplies and paint, the time lost and the hassle of it, hiring an interior house painting professional is the better choice. Here is what a professional house painting service offers you: 




  • full, detailed estimates
  • color expertise
  • the best tools, equipment, and materials
  • quick and efficient service 
  • quality products; not all paints are created equal 
  • precise attention to detail
  • full clean up 
  • insured work

Professional Painting in Texas




Everyone wants their bedroom to be a comforting retreat from their busy lives. With the right paint color, your bedroom can be the stylish oasis you want it to be.  




If you are looking for professionals for bedroom painting, or for other interior or exterior painting projects, look no further than Texas Painting and Gutters. Our reputation is built on the satisfaction of many happy customers. Feel free to contact us for an estimate or for any questions you may have about our painting services.



Jeff Hahs
Jeff Hahs
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