3 Little Known Ways To Know When It’s Time To Replace The Gutters On Your North Texas Home

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3 Little Known Ways To Know When It’s Time To Replace The Gutters On Your North Texas Home

Gutter Replacements How To Know in Plano TX

As we’ve noted several times in our blog, gutters play such an underrated role in modern living. They do the important jobs of keeping water away from your foundation, out of or off of the exterior of your home, keeping sidewalks and driveways protected from cracks and more.

Depending on how old your gutters are, though, there always comes a time when you’ll need to replace them.

The obvious time to do this is when you’re noticing larger leaks (check out why they might be leaking here).

An obvious, large leak isn’t the only way to know when to replace your gutters, however.

Below are a few little known or smaller signs it’s time to call a gutter repair or replacement company.

Noticeable Cracking/Damage

This one may seam obvious and well known, but many homeowners don’t take the time to look up and inspect their gutters very often.

A crack doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate leak, but it sure will be sooner rather than later, so keep an eye out next time you’re walking around your North Texas home.

Peeling Paint On The Exterior Of Your Home

Small leaks have a way of creating large problems. The first case of this is peeling on your exterior house painting job.

Anywhere around your home you notice peeling (however small) could be a direct result of a damaged gutter.

Avoiding or ignoring peeling paint could be disastrous and lead to not only more peeling, but as you’ll see below, much more serious problems for your home.

Rot & Mildew

Those serious problems are mold, mildew and rot wherever that water ends up settling. Likely spots include door frames and window sills — places where you could end up with water continuing to do damage inside your home.

Letting that water into your home could cost you thousands more than just simply replacing your gutters, so be sure to take care of this issue right away.

Know of any other indirect way to tell when it’s time for a new gutter system? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

Jeff Hahs
Jeff Hahs
With over 17 years of local painting and gutter experience in Collin County, Jeff enjoys offering his expert tips, tricks and news via the Texas Painting and Gutters blog. Stop by regularly for updates and thanks for reading!

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