Have Leaky Gutters? Here’s What’s Wrong (And What To Do)

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Have Leaky Gutters? Here’s What’s Wrong (And What To Do)

Leaky Gutters in Plano, TX

Here at Texas Painting and Gutters we have encountered our fair share of gutter issues from North Texas homeowners.

If you ever underestimate the importance of gutters be sure check out our complete guide to gutters we wrote about last year, but we can’t stress enough how they’re one of the most overlooked aspects of modern living and how they can affect your property if they don’t work correctly (or at all).

With that said, if you’re experiencing leaks in your gutter system it’s important to understand why they’re leaking so you can best assess a solution before it gets worse.

With all of our experience with gutters in Plano, Wylie, McKinney and surrounding areas, below are some of the more common reasons why your gutters may be leaking.

Your Gutters Are Old

A gutter system’s lifespan generally vary depending on how they’re done and what material was used when they were initially installed.

If your gutters were installed in sections, there’s a higher risk that age may be the source of leaks as the material that’s used to attach those sections together can deteriorate over time.

Water will find the slightest degradation of the connection material in your gutter seams and keep working its way into it until it becomes a full on leak.

This is another reason why more and more homeowners are opting for seamless gutters as there are less connections to be made and thus less chances for leaks to develop over time.

Your Gutters Are Loose

As the water feeds down off of your roof, your gutters need to stay absolutely flush up against the fascia or wherever else they may be attached.

If they aren’t tightly installed or have somehow come loose over time, water will come down between your gutters and the edge of your roof.

It might even not be your gutters, but could be your fascia rotting causing them to loosen so be sure to check on that as well.

Your Gutters Are Sloped Incorrectly

Gutter systems need to sloped — or steeped at an angle — to allow the water to run into a downspout correctly.

If over time your gutter’s slope tips, or were installed incorrectly then the water will simply sit right in the gutters.

This can cause a myriad of problems outside of simple leaks so that’s another thing to keep in mind.

How To Fix Leaky Gutters

It can take some time to properly diagnose a gutter leak and some of them can be remedied with DIY solutions, however if you want to be absolutely sure, you should contact your local gutter repair/replacement company to help shore up those leaks.

They’ll be able to track down the source of the leak(s) faster and assess an affordable repair or replacement solution for you quickly.

Jeff Hahs
Jeff Hahs
With over 17 years of local painting and gutter experience in Collin County, Jeff enjoys offering his expert tips, tricks and news via the Texas Painting and Gutters blog. Stop by regularly for updates and thanks for reading!

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