Where In Texas You Can Get Texas Painting & Gutters’ Services

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Where In Texas You Can Get Texas Painting & Gutters’ Services

House Painting Service Areas from Texas Painting and Gutters

From interior house painting to exterior house painting and gutter installation & repair services, Texas Painting & Gutters provides exceptional products & unparalleled services all our area here in Texas.

For some of our customers, though, it may be hard to know exactly where you can get our services.

To help those of you wanting to know for sure, here’s a definitive list of cities & areas for you review.


Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Plano is one of the larger cities in Texas. From neighborhoods like Willow Bend, Whiffletree, Normandy Estates, Indian Creek, White Rock Creek Estates, Avignon and more, dozens of Plano residents are most welcome to request our services (and already have)!


Named number 1 place to live in America in 2018, Frisco is a truly special place to live. Neighborhoods we serve include: Newman Village, Starwood, Chapel Creek, Stonebriar, The Trails of Frisco, Panther Creek, Phillips Creek Ranch and more.


Speaking of great places to live, McKinney ranked #1 back in 2014 as well (our area is pretty great isn’t it?). Some of the neighborhoods that make it “Unique By Nature” are: Adriatic, Hardin Lake, Islworth, Mallard Lakes, Stonebridge Estates, Trinity Falls and Tucker Hill.


Continuing with the high achievements of our area, Allen received a number 2 ranking in 2017 in the best places to live in America.

Some neighborhoods in Allen include: Belmont, Cypress Meadows, Stacy Ridge, Twin Creeks and more.


Our headquarters is located in Wylie so of course our closest neighbors have been using our services since the very beginning.

Neighborhoods we’ve helped in Wylie include: Cimarron Estates, Kingsbridge, Avalon in Wylie, Twin Lakes, Vista Oaks and Wylie Lakes, just to name a few.


Recognized as one of the safest places to live in Texas, Anna’s great local neighborhoods include: Blue Ridge, Hurricane Creek Estates, Lakeview Estates, Sheffield Farms and many more.

Other Locations

Here are some other locations we can help you out with: neighborhoods in Murphy, Princeton, Celina, Fairview, Lucas, Parker, Melissa, Farmersville, Lavon, Lowry Crossing & St. Paul.

Still not sure if you’re in our service area? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to let you know if we can help you out.

Jeff Hahs
Jeff Hahs
With over 17 years of local painting and gutter experience in Collin County, Jeff enjoys offering his expert tips, tricks and news via the Texas Painting and Gutters blog. Stop by regularly for updates and thanks for reading!

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