What’s The Best Paint Color For Your Bedroom? Here Are Some Ideas Based On Science

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What’s The Best Paint Color For Your Bedroom? Here Are Some Ideas Based On Science

Bedroom Painting Ideas for Wylie, Texas

Now that we’ve gone through bathroom painting ideas and kitchen painting ideas, today we’ll be taking a look at what you could do for your next bedroom painting project in your North Texas home.

Having the right color bedroom paint may be an important part of getting good, healthy sleep, believe it or not.

According to a study done by Travel Lodge, after assessing bedrooms from 2,000 homes they found that people who were getting the longest, highest quality sleep were ones sleeping in blue painted bedrooms.

On average people sleeping in blue bedrooms were getting 7 hours and 52 minutes of restful sleep per night.

Some of the other more favorable colors were yellow, green, silver & orange.

To help give you some ideas of what your bedroom may look like after a fresh bedroom paint project, below are a few examples of the highest rated colors, according to the study.

Blue Bedroom Painting Idea in Plano, TX

Bold Blue Paint Accents

Light Green Bedroom Idea in McKinney, TX

Light/Yellow Green All-Over Paint

Light Blue Kids Bedroom Paint Concept in North Texas

Light Blue For Your Kid’s Room

Light Yellow with Asian Accents in Frisco, TX

Light Yellow

Colors To Stay Away From

Colors that induced the least favorable sleep, according to the above mentioned study, were purples, browns & greys. People sleeping in bedrooms of this color reported just 6 restful hours per night, on average.

Which colors do you prefer for your bedroom? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Jeff Hahs
Jeff Hahs
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