What Color Should You Paint The Kitchen In Your North Texas Home In 2021?

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What Color Should You Paint The Kitchen In Your North Texas Home In 2021?

Most Popular Kitchen Colors 2021 Texas Painting

Did you know the color blue can suppress your appetite, while green enhances your appreciation for the nutritional value of food?


Psychologists have studied the effects of color on mood and productivity for years. Color can influence your behavior and perceptions, even subtle ones, including the taste of food.


That’s why choosing the right color for your kitchen is important. It’s not only an investment that you have to live with for an extended period of time, but it can affect how you feel in one of the most important rooms in your home.


Have you considered the possibilities and still aren’t sure where to start? Read on for the kitchen colors 2021 guide. It will help you to choose the color that will make your family feel comfortable and add a sense of warmth in the central hub of your home – your kitchen.



Why Choosing the Right Kitchen Color Is Important


Your kitchen is the focal point of your home. Kitchens are no longer used to just prep meals and eat. They’ve become a place for families to gather, catch up, host guests, and do a variety of activities such as homework, crafts, and office work.


Your kitchen should be comfortable, and its color is important in achieving this. The color you choose can make your kitchen feel warm but still reflect your unique style.



Increase the Value of Your Home


If you’re selling your home, painting your kitchen can make it the focal point, as it is one of the more important rooms in the house. Any upgrades to your kitchen, including painting can also increase your home’s value. Let your kitchen color provide the wow that homebuyers are looking for.



Modernize Your Space


The color of your kitchen and cabinets can date your home. It’s a tell-tale sign of when you built or last renovated your home. Kitchen color schemes change often, so it’s important to update your kitchen and your kitchen cabinet colors every so often. It will not only modernize your kitchen but give your home the revamp it needs.


Save Costs


Painting is a cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen. It’s also safer than a major renovation. A change of color is a dependable alternative when investing in your kitchen.



Popular Kitchen Colors 2021 Guide


If you’re ready to invest in a more simple kitchen upgrade, you should know the 2021 kitchen colors that are currently trending. Do your research, choose the color that you love, and find a professional that can help you create an amazing space for your family.


Here are some of the more popular kitchen paint colors:


Shades of Green


Various shades of green, such as mint, sage, and bluish-green, are a new trend for 2021.


Bluish Green: This is a great wall color that complements modern, elegant appliances.


Mint: If you don’t want to be that subtle and want a pop of color, consider using mint for your cabinets or as an accent color. Pair it with white walls and furniture so your cabinets stand out. Some people even go a step further and include appliances in this color for a more retro vibe.


Sage Green: This color works well with beige and stainless steel appliances. It creates a blend of vintage and modern mix.


Olive or Hunter Green: If you’re looking for a darker shade of green, olive or hunter green are both classic colors that can add a touch of sophistication to your home. Use them for either your wall or cabinet color. They’re both great options for a smaller, minimalist yet modern space.


Apple Green: This is a non-traditional kitchen color that adds a retro feel to your kitchen. It’s a bright color that brightens your kitchen, creating a happy space with positive energy.


Shades of Blue


Despite being known for its appetite suppression, blue is still a popular color for kitchens. Many homeowners tend to lean more toward the darker shades of blue. However lighter colors ranging from pale blue, teal, and cobalt are also trendy.


Bluish-Green: If green is your preferred color, but you want to ‘mix it up’ a bit, bluish-green is a great compromise. It’s a vibrant color that can energize any space. Use it for your upper cabinets and pair it with a darker shade of blue on your lower cabinets to create a unique look.


Pale Blue: Blue can be calming and is a warm color. As with the bluish-green option, you can pair it with different shades of blue and even include hints of green as well.


Navy Blue: White cabinets on a navy blue or dark blue wall create an amazing contrast that’s elegant and sophisticated. You can reverse this contrast if you’re adventurous by using this color on your cabinets against white walls. Your kitchen definitely won’t be boring.


Sky Blue: This is an extremely soothing color that will give a modern look to any kitchen. It can create a lovely contrast when paired with white or wood.


Shades of Gray


Grays in any shade, although neutral, create a warm feeling in any room. It’s such a popular color that it has been trending for the past few years.


Black appliances and white countertops look amazing with gray walls. It’s a great option if you’re not ready for bold colors but think white is too boring.


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can still use it with a pop of color without being too loud. Gray cabinets make choosing complementary fixtures fun, as the possibilities are endless.


Pop of Color


You can let your kitchen reflect your personality without being garish by using white with a spot of vibrant color. This can include vibrant colors such as yellow or orange. These colors can make your kitchen cheerful and be a refreshing highlight in the room.



Other 2021 Kitchen Colors Trends


Some other kitchen color trends that are popular this year include black, greige, pale pink, and two-toned cabinets. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits you, because it will be a part of your home for years.



Enhance Your Kitchen With Color


Interior house painting can boost the feel of your home as well as its value. If you don’t have the budget to paint your entire home, focus on the rooms where your family spends the most time. According to kitchen colors 2021 trends, many colors can bring life to this important space in your home.


Ensure you hire a company that does kitchen painting well so you can enhance the look and feel of your home. Texas Painting and Gutters has over 19 years of experience. Contact us for a free estimate. We’ll give your home the refresh it needs at half the cost.

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