5 Inspiring Interior Painting Ideas For New Year 2023

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last In North Texas?
How Long Does Exterior House Paint Last In North Texas?
October 20, 2022
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5 Inspiring Interior Painting Ideas For New Year 2023

Interior House Painting ideas 2023

Your home should be a reflection of your personality and design preferences. It should be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day. 




That being said, coming up with ideas can take time and effort. It’s something you want to get right, especially the major aspects like the interior wall paint. A great place to get inspiration is from the current interior design trends. 




While said trends are always changing, here are five inspiring interior paint trends that are predicted for 2023.



1. Outdoorsy, Natural Tones




One of the biggest interior design trends that experts are expecting to see this upcoming year is the rise in popularity of bringing the outdoors in, so to speak. 



This includes things like using more natural materials (think stone countertops and hardwood floors), using a lot more potted plants, and implementing new ways to incorporate natural lighting into a space.



It doesn’t stop there, though. This trend will also likely carry over to subtler things, like the interior paint colors people use. 



Whereas warmer shades (like dark reds and oranges) were in style in 2022, it’s likely that natural shades are going to be all the rage in 2023. 



This includes colors like muted greens, warm browns, and deep blues. 



The beauty of these kinds of colors is that they can either be an attention-grabbing pop of color or a nice neutral background, depending on how you use them.




2. Matching Colors




In previous years it was common to see each room with a different color scheme. 




While the colors didn’t clash and still went together well, it’s expected that in 2023 we’ll see a lot more repetition of color and the same paint hues being used in multiple rooms throughout the house.




This can make the home feel more like one unified space rather than several different ones tied together. 




For example, if you use deep green primarily in the living room with white accents, you might have a dining room with dual-tone paints or primarily white with deep green accents. 




This enables a bit of variety in the interior paint of different rooms while still tying them together into one singular aesthetic.




3. Fewer Neutral Tones




It’s always been common to use neutral colors, like white, gray, or beige, as the main paint color in a room and then accent it with a more pigmented color. 




In 2023, experts predict that this trend will be flipped on its head, and instead of seeing color schemes that use grays as a primary paint color, we’ll likely see greens, blues, and browns taking center stage- although they may still have neutral accents here and there.




This trend gives a space a bit more personality and emotion rather than feeling drab. 




There’s nothing wrong with using neutral tones, as it can help prevent a space from feeling too bold and overwhelming, but it’s been overdone, and it’ll likely fade from popularity very soon. 




Blues and greens, specifically, are the go-to colors that people will be using to replace their previously gray areas.




4. Contrast is Key




While most of the trends in previous years relied on color schemes that blend well together and neutral tones that didn’t stand out, 2023 paint trends are all about being eye-catching and bold. 




Rather than using the neutral tones of the past, people are starting to get a bit more adventurous in their color schemes.




Those that aren’t necessarily a fan of using nature-themed colors like green and brown have begun pairing teals with lemon yellow, sapphire, and indigo with pale or lime green, etc. 




Those that do prefer natural colors are pairing burnt sienna with dark forest green, lavender with dandelion yellow, etc.




Just because colors are separate from each other on the color wheel doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll clash. 




There’s a difference between a high-contrast color scheme and a plain old eyesore, after all. 




Pairing contrasting colors like this has the unique effect of making the paint colors on the walls the focal point of the room while most of the furniture simply accents it rather than the other way around (which is how it usually is).




5. Darker Shades




When picking a paint color, it’s important to remember that different shades will have different effects on the mood of the space. 




For example, white can make a room seem larger and neat, but too much white makes a space feel clinical and stifling. Darker colors, when used properly, can make a place feel cozy and relaxing. It helps people de-stress after a long day. While too many dark colors can make a room feel smaller, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.




In 2023, it is expected that the primarily used paint in a room’s color scheme will be darker than it would have been in 2022. Not only can this make a space feel more comforting, but when combined with lighter or more saturated accent colors, it really makes everything pop. In addition, darker shades can be easier to maintain as they don’t stain or get dirty as easily.




Texas Painting and Gutters




At the end of the day, your home is your space, and you should design it in whatever way you enjoy the most. Trends are a great jumping-off point when brainstorming ideas, but you shouldn’t design your home’s aesthetic based solely on them. 




Trends come and go, and it would be unrealistic to try to keep up with them all. This is highly emphasized by the fact that the majority of the trends that are predicted to occur in 2023 are almost the exact opposite of the ones we saw in 2022.




Your home should be a reflection of your personal style, and Texas Painting and Gutters understands that. Just as you do with your style choices, you have plenty of options out there when it comes to the company you decide to work with for your painting and gutter needs, and you should always go with the option that you feel is right for you.




That being said, the experts at Texas Painting and Gutters are highly dedicated to using the skills they’ve learned to make sure the job gets done right the first time. We value our customers’ happiness and focus on the details of every project. We would love to help you with your next painting and/or gutter-related project!




Jeff Hahs
Jeff Hahs
With over 17 years of local painting and gutter experience in Collin County, Jeff enjoys offering his expert tips, tricks and news via the Texas Painting and Gutters blog. Stop by regularly for updates and thanks for reading!

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