4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Interior Painting Project Done This Winter

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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Interior Painting Project Done This Winter

Interior Painting in Winter in Plano, TX

Halloween is approaching which means Thanksgiving and the winter months will be upon us soon enough.

We’ve already gone through some great interior painting project ideas for the holidays, so now we’ll go ahead and detail why these months are ideal for getting your interior house painting project off of your plate this year.

1. Flexible Scheduling With Your Painting Contractor

In a typical year for a house painting contractor, spring and summertime should be their busiest time of year, as homeowners’ schedules open up for projects like these.

Because of this, however, homeowners may have longer waiting times during this time for their preferred house painting company as schedules fill up quickly.

Getting your interior painting project taken care of during the winter months may offer you quicker turnaround and more flexible scheduling. Schedule flexibility is especially important as you’ll most likely have plans for this holiday season.

2. Fend Off The Cold Weather Blues

If you or someone you live with has a touch of seasonal affective disorder, or generally gets a bit down during the winter months, a new interior paint project is good way to brighten up your house when the days get shorter.

3. Prep For Your Spring House/Real Estate Sale

Planning on selling your house early next year? Help increase your home’s value by getting adding some new life to interior walls or change up to colors you think potential homebuyers may be more into.

4. Clear Your Summer Schedule

Summer is a great time for home painting projects, but this may be the best time for families to plan vacations, go to sporting events and other activities as well.

If you don’t feel like you have the time or the budget to do both this summer, knock that inside painting project off of your list and free up time for that family vacation.

Winter may be a busy time for you and your family here in Plano, McKinney or anywhere else in our service area, but it may also be the best time for your interior home project.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like a free estimate for your next project — we’ll be happy to help.

Jeff Hahs
Jeff Hahs
With over 17 years of local painting and gutter experience in Collin County, Jeff enjoys offering his expert tips, tricks and news via the Texas Painting and Gutters blog. Stop by regularly for updates and thanks for reading!

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